Ending your physical addiction is the first step towards freedom. Detoxification, or medical detox, is the first step in building towards long term recovery. We take a thorough assessment of your needs as we work to stabilize you physically, and begin the process of healing mentally and spiritually through our drug and alcohol detox program.

Inpatient Detox

Inpatient care and residential addiction treatment is appropriate when you are no longer physically dependent on drugs and alcohol. This high level of care allows us to engage you in a number of therapeutic modalities, so you can build and use the skills needed for long term recovery.

Taking time away from your regular life removes any negative circumstances that might have fueled your addiction. We are able to design and implement an intensive, focused treatment plan built for your needs. Treatment comes from our holistic, multidisciplinary approach. Our team draws from a wealth of education and personal experience to implement and adapt the plan as you heal.

Healing Environment

Inpatient care creates an environment totally focused on healing. You are temporarily removed from the external stresses that can precipitate or fuel substance abuse.

We provide the highest level of comfort, safety and security to promote healing. Our facility has indoor and outdoor areas for recreation and relaxing, along with modern amenities, entertainment options, and private and semi-private bedrooms. Food is served onsite, and we will work with you on meal planning and healthy shopping choices.

Medical Care

While a safe detox process ushers you through acute withdrawal, the lingering withdrawal effects and any existing health conditions from your addiction may still have an effect on you. We provide access to around the clock medical care at our inpatient facility, in order to give you the highest level of comfort and safety possible.

Your treatment plan will help you examine the internal struggles you face as we begin to treat your mental and spiritual well-being.

Intense Therapy Plan

Inpatient programming includes an intense therapy plan, where we employ evidence-based therapies designed around your needs.

Our inpatient programs are designed to give you the knowledge you need to return to your life and continue to find the fulfillment and peace. Our goal is to allow you to live a positive, productive life free from substance abuse.

A Focus on Wellness

While you are in treatment, you are healing mentally, spiritually and physically. Withdrawal often affects your physical condition and can lead to malnutrition and discomfort. We provide you with nutritious catered meals and for your sweet tooth, an ice cream machine.

We offer massage therapy and on site visits from chiropractors to help ease your pain. You will also have access to 12 step meetings both on the grounds and off, as well as church services.

We will help you begin to heal your mind, body and spirit.

Aftercare Planning

The greatest goal of our program is for every individual to find success beyond just staying clean from drugs and alcohol. The tools and skills we impart you with will serve you beyond your time at our center, and help you create a life of peace and fulfillment. We maximize the amount of time you are in a safe, secure, recovery-focused community. Stress and triggers will remain, but we will give you the knowledge to deal with them in a healthy manner. All members of our team are focused on providing you with a plan for the next steps to success.

Case Management

We will advocate for you. Clearing the obstacles or roadblocks of recovery is an important task. From the major to the minor, we will assist you through clearing any legal, financial, professional or other issues. The path beyond these barriers is within your reach.

Safe Environment

Our facility provides a structured, safe, secure environment for healing. You and your peers are required to be sober and focused on recovery. Active participation and the accountability that we provide will help you establish productive daily routines, and work on the life skills that you will need for the next steps in early recovery.

Relapse Prevention

As you journey through recovery, problems will be solved and new issues will arise. Aftercare planning focuses heavily on providing you with the insight, tools and strategies to deal with these issues in a healthy, positive way.